Presenting with Prezi

Presenting With Prezi

Welcome to our workspace. Here you will find the tutorial videos that are presented in the Prezi Academy. I have embedded these videos in our Wiki, but many school districts block YouTube and that is the site that hosts their videos, so, I have also uploaded these videos to our Upload Files link that can be found at the top right. All of these videos can also be found in the Prezi Academy portion of their website located on the Learn Tab.


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Let's begin with...

Lesson 1: Step by step tutorial on Prezi basics. View the video below:


Lesson 2: Why the Best Prezis use Grouping & Layering

by Angelie Agarwal (Taken directly from the Prezi website.)


The best prezis use grouping and layering to reduce panning that causes motion sickness, and to avoid overwhelming the audience with too many details at once. Check out this short video on grouping with frames and layering to get the most out of your prezi!


Lesson 3: Quick Tips on Presenting & Publishing

by Adam Somlai-Fischer (Adam is the founder of; again this is taken directly from their website.)


There are several ways you can prepare and use a prezi during a live talk, and there are also several ways to publish your prezi. Check out tips and tricks in this video, and read below this video for additional information.


Once you are ready to begin...

It is often intimidating to start a Prezi from scratch. My suggestion is to look through the Prezis that have already been created. You will find these under the Explore Tab. This can help to generate ideas and help you to gain a better understanding of exactly what Prezi can do.


For an Advanced Lesson watch this video below:

Prezi in 15 minutes | Prezi Learn Center - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.